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What types of products do we carry at P. I. T. G?

Our products consist of multiple types of products per category. For instance we carry incense. We also carry pipes, glass pipes, glass hookahs, other glass ware for stems, bowls, and pieces. Other items include vaporizers, detoxifiers, detox supplies, papers, beaded doors, posters, and other novelties.


You can buy all sorts of things at P. I. T. G. We have a variety of hand blown glass pipes of various colors. All of which are crafted with heavy duty hand blown glass. We also have a variety of Hookahs and water bubblers. We carry metal pipes and all their accessories, like screens, caps, seals, and more. For the more discrete we offer one hitters in glass or metal as well. Or you can use the tried and true papers, which come in all sorts of flavors and styles. When your on the move or need some tools We also carry dugouts, grinders, and other forms of useful devices. Our pipes are sure to make you feel above the rest but then perhaps a vaporizer is more your speed. When all is said and done you may need some detoxify or detox items as well.